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Our company

Fuel Wood Spatar GmbH

Fuelwood.de (Fuel Wood Spatar GmbH) will be founded in September 2022 with the purpose of trading in firewood and wood pellets in Germany and the EU.

Fuel Wood Spatar GmbH is an affiliated company of wood.ua (New Era - Energy Group LLC, Ukraine), founded in 2014. New Era - Energy Group LLC produces:

  • cat litter
  • Kiln dried oak firewood 25 cm long;
  • Kiln dried birch wood 25 cm long;
  • Kiln dried red oak firewood 25 cm long;
  • Kiln dried hornbeam firewood 25 cm long.

Fuel Wood Spatar GmbH imports and distributes products of New Era - Energy Group LLC in Germany and the EU. As a producer and dealer, Fuel Wood Spatar GmbH offers high quality and competitive prices to both private and business customers in the region of Bavaria, Germany and the EU.

Fuel Wood Spatar GmbH has just entered the German market and can provide advice in English or in German for beginners. Due to a temporary German language barrier, we ask that you please call us only in English or WhatsApp us in German so that we can provide a better customer experience.

Our team

Peter Spatar, Managing Director

Peter Spatar began his career at Deloitte, where he participated in several audit projects of Ukrainian companies under IFRS. He then worked for several years as Head of Investment Banking in Ukrainian investment companies and was involved in numerous large financial transactions in the public and private sectors.

In 2014, Peter Spatar founded and headed New Era - Energy Group LLC, which became the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of firewood and wood pellets.

Peter holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Bath (UK) and passed the CFA Institute Level III exam.