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A guide to kiln-dried firewood to burn in a fireplace

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Selecting the best firewood for your fireplace may sometimes be difficult. This is because you will need firewood that is dry, easy to burn, and releases less smoke. With various types of wood in the market, identifying the perfect one can be an issue and that's why you will need to have some knowledge of common types of firewood available.

The most important factor to consider when choosing logs is the moisture content of the wood. The lesser the moisture content of wood, the better it burns. Does this still sound a bit alarming to you? Then sacrifice some of your time for this article as it will provide you with vital information and understanding of the perfect kiln-dried woods to use in a fireplace.

Meaning of kiln dried

The first and most important term to understand if you own a fireplace is the meaning of kiln dried. Kiln dried simply means that the logs went through their drying process using a kiln before it gets sold in the market. A kiln can be said to be a huge oven that helps to dry wood in a controlled and speedy way, to provide the much lower and quicker moisture content then simple air drying.

Firewood that was prepared by kiln drying is the best to burn in a fireplace.

Knowing moisture content

As earlier mentioned, the moisture content is very essential when selecting logs to burn. Moisture means water or dampness. We all know that fire and water are two foes and that's why water is used to put off the fire. Normally, a freshly felled log can contain about 50% of water, because trees need water mainly to survive. Burning freshly felled wood would prove to be abortive because of its high water content, it’ll probably end up producing smoke.

The moisture content a log should have before burning should equal or less than 20%. That’s why kiln drying or air drying is really important and recommended for effective and efficient burning.

Types of firewood to burn in a fireplace

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It is also important to know the best kind of logs that burns better and also dries faster. Below is a list of the best firewood that when kiln-dried can be used in a fireplace.


Oak is mainly known for its huge impact on the furniture market as it is used to make high-quality furniture. The reason is that it is very strong and has high density. Oak is also popular in the firewood market because it burns slowly and can reach a high temperature which is why most commercial pizza ovens make use of it. Oak can also be burned in small pieces in small wood burners. Oak is a heavy log and due to its density, kiln drying is the best way to get rid of its moisture content.


Ash is popular because of its versatility. Its natural ability to absorb shock, strength, and durability are some of the reasons why it is often used for sports equipment. Besides that, ash is also an excellent wood for burning. It has a high density and also low moisture content but it also needs to be kiln-dried to produce its best heat output. The kiln-dried ash wood can produce about 3000kwh per cubic meter thus making it one of the best woods to be burnt in a fireplace.


Hornbeam is not as popular as the other types of wood mentioned. Mainly referred to as "ironwood", hornbeam is also a great wood to use in a fireplace because it burns slowly and produces attractive flames. Kiln drying is still the best way to process hornbeam for it to provide its best. It is comparable to ash but it gives off more heat and also burns longer. It can sometimes take some time to light but gives out one of the best performances when it eventually gets lit.


Often used for the production of furniture or making wooden toys, birch is also a great type of wood to be kiln-dried. Naturally, birch is easy to burn or light fires, so when kiln-dried it becomes way better. Though it can take some time before generating fire, it burns quicker than many other types of wood which is why it is best to pair birch with other types of slow-burning wood.

Kiln firewood remains the best to use when making a fire in a fireplace and therefore, it should be used more often and efficiently. Ensure you get one today.

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